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Forget squats and read this article. Non surgical butt lifting, yes it’s a thing and here is the DL on everything you need to know about it. So, any injection into your butt is probably something you wanna do anything you can to avoid, am I right? Butt (like what I did there) what if I told you a few injections into your backside after an application of wonderfully numbing TLA cream, could lead to a ghetto booty that puts Jo Lo’s behind to shame? And what if I told you its way less expensive and way less risky than a controversial surgical Brazilian Butt Lift? Errrm sign me up please.


Non surgical Butt Lifts use several injections of a substance called Poly L- Lactic Acid, a biocompatible material that stimulates your body’s own collagen to generate. As collagen production in your body takes about 90 days, that’s how long you can expect to wait to see your best results. Easier than 90 days of serious booty training in the gym says the lazy girl inside of me! Results last for about 2 years in most patients but a yearly top is recommended to maintain best results. The procedure itself takes less than an hour all up and discomfort level is minimal, most patients will need two to three visits depending on the goods you start with and how bodacious you want your booty to be. Form an orderly cue fellow flat butted girls and boys and book in your complimentary consultation today!

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